Slave Point Of No Return Badagry, Nigeria

The Slave point of no return is a unique historical place for the family, groups, students, and history seekers.

The trip to the point of no return begin with a boat cruise from the jetty across the lagoon to land on the other side of the peninsular. The place is called Gberefu sea village which is also called the Point of no return.

This place is important because of the historical events that occured there.

On the point of no return,

1, the journey begins with the walk on the slave route with a guide explaining events and a quiet moment to reminisce.

2, the next stop will be at the Slave spirit attenuation well, that Anago James Akeem Osho calls, ''the well of memory loss''.

3, the journey continues on the slave route.

4, Another stop is at the popular Arc, which an architectural masterpiece was constructed around it, which enters the sea.

5, the beautiful and quiet sea beach which propels the memory of slaves that were taken to unknown destinations

6, relaxation and time to enjoy the natural and serene nature of the peninsular.